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CiK is a membership-based organization supported by Canadian and Non-Canadian volunteers.

The Executive Committee is elected annually at the AGM held in May and oversees the adminstration of the organization.  Canadian and Non-Canadians are welcome to put their names forward to join the Executive Committee. 

CiK's Mission is:

  • To share Canadian culture with Kuwaities and Canadian and Non-Canadian expats living in Kuwait, utilizing the talents and efforts of members.

  • To reflect Canada’s inclusive, multi-cultural society in Kuwait.

  • To establish a successful social foundation and strengthen the ties among Canadian residents in the State of Kuwait.

  • To celebrate Canada’s national traditions and events in the State of Kuwait.

  • To encourage Canadians in Kuwait to actively participate and volunteer to support CiK activities.

  • To maintain effective and active social networking among Canadians who live and work in the State of Kuwait.

  • To create, develop and maintain a support group which can provide guidance to Canadians upon or before their arrival to the State of Kuwait.