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A Note From
CiK First Chairperson & Governor
Honourable Denis Thibault

Ambassador of Canada to Kuwait  2004/2008
Dear friends,

As Canada's Ambassador to the State of Kuwait, it gives me great pleasure to witness the expanding activities of Canadians in Kuwait (CIK), as well as its new website.

Kuwait today is home to some 5,000 Canadians. It's a country that is aggressively opening itself to trade and foreign investment and is offering great opportunities for Canada. Canadians in Kuwait (CIK) is, with the Canadian Commercial Circle (CCC) and the Embassy, part of a dynamic partnership that aims to foster an effective and active social network among Canadian citizens who live and work in the State of Kuwait.

I encourage you to join CIK, to be part of a Canadian network in Kuwait that can provide guidance to Canadian individuals upon or before their arrival to Kuwait.

I look forward to meeting you at future CIK events.

Denis Thibault
Aug.  6, 2008



A Note From
Governor Robin Chamney
First CiK President Elect

From 2005 to 2008
Having lived and worked in Kuwait since 1999, I have experienced the need to feel a sense of community with my home country, Canada.  Because of this, I joined the Canadian Women’s League.  My first position with the organization was that of Activities Coordinator.  During that time we toured the DMZ, held Sock Hops and dinner dances on Failaka Island.  During my tenure as treasurer, we fundraised and donated to the Terry Fox Run.  We also helped out at the many women’s shelters and kept the CWL going strong as many Canadians had to depart prior to the American invasion of Iraq.  For the next few years, I decided to sit back and enjoy the friendships made and the many activities sponsored by the organization.  In 2004 this group transitioned into the current organization that we know as Canadians in Kuwait.  Canadians in Kuwait has always had a strong group of volunteers who worked hard to “bring a little of Canada to Kuwait”.   As the first elected president of CIK,  I am very grateful for the camaraderie shared with my fellow Canadians.  It is with these good thoughts that I wish the current executive all the best and I look forward to participating in the many activities and gatherings that they will be sponsoring in the future.
Robin Chamney
Feb. 20, 2009 



A Note From
Governor Gwen Bestard
CiK Founder and President

From 2004 to 2005
When I came to Kuwait in August, 2000, as a brand new person to working outside of my own country, Canada, one of the most important "outlets" for me especially that year, was the wonderful organization called "Canadian Women’s League" (CWL). I found great comfort in being among my "own kind" and thoroughly enjoyed the fabulous, unique, and successful events sponsored by this group of very dedicated women.
Believing everyone must take their turn, and do their part, I quickly became involved in the Executive; first as Public Relations Chairperson, then Newsletter Editor, and finally as President in 2003. During my first year as President, several women expressed an interest in changing the mission of CWL to include men. There was a strong feeling amongst some CWL members (myself included) that a combined male and female organization for Canadians in Kuwait would flourish and be more congruent with our core Canadian values of equity and inclusion.
That year was spent completing the "ground work" necessary to form such a new organization, with choosing "the" name, one of our initial tasks. Finally by September, 2004 "Canadians In Kuwait" was launched with a very successful Thanksgiving Dinner attended by over 200 people held at the Crown Plaza Hotel.
I very much enjoyed seeing our new organization come to fruition and flourish. It was a busy but wonderful year. However, by its end, I was also ready to pass the responsibility over to someone else and Robin Chamney became the first elected President of CIK in June, 2005.
Thanks for giving me the chance to "tell my story".

Gwen Bestard
April 4, 2009